You can connect your Foodim account to your other social networks and share posts to them, either when you're posting to Foodim, or anytime. Here's how:

NB - you need to have  the Instagram, Twitter or Facebook apps installed on your device and be logged in to them.

After posting - sharing content from the Home Feed or single post views:

You can share any post to other networks by doing the following:

1. Tap the share icon (under every post, on the right hand side) 

2.  Select the network you want to share to

3. If you have connected your account already, then just follow the on-screen instructions, or if not, follow the instructions to authorize your account.

At the point of posting to Foodim (see video at the end of this article)

1. Once you have taken your shot and are ready to post, tap the share icon which is at the bottom right of the screen (if you have entered your title, just tap on the image to reveal the navigation bar again).

2. Select the social network you want to share to (there will be 3 icons - FB, Insta and Twitter - in grey because they are not yet connected to Foodim)

3. You will be asked to authorize Foodim to connect to and post to the network you have selected.

4. Follow the instructions to complete authorization.

5. Share away!